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2023 Annual Conference of CIBER-BBN and NANBIOSIS with CIBEREHD

CIBER-BBN´s and NANBIOSIS 2023 Annual Conference will be celebrated in November 6-8, 2023 in Santander

This year we change the format of our annual conferences towards a collective event scheme between the CIBER-BBN and CIBER-EHD thematic areas. Our objective is to create a two-day conference that stimulates scientific collaborations and explores new lines of research. Both areas have already shared experiences of collaborative projects, demonstrating the complementarity of their fields. The results of these seed projects will be presented on the first day. In addition, we are pleased to announce that there will be a new edition of seed collaborative projects between the two areas, which will open in the autumn, and close after the joint meeting.

The anual session dedicated to NANBIOSIS is scheduled for the afternoon of the Tuesday 7th, After that, we will cellebrate the annual meeting of the NANBIOSIS coordination Committee and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board of NANBIOSIS.

We hope that you find the program attractive and that we can enjoy a few days of science, friendship, community, collaboration and discovery.

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NANBIOSIS at CIBEREHD XI Annual Conferences

Jesús Izco, Coordinator of NANBIOSIS, has presented NANBIOSIS-ICTS at the XI annual Conference of  CIBEREHD, which takes place from 27 to 28 November 2017 at the Hotel Barceló Sants in Barcelona.

Jesús Izco has explained the opportunities offered by the ICTS NANBIOSIS as a Platform for Research and Biomedical Innovation, giving examples of private-public collaboration in competitive calls  in which NANBIOSIS has participated and explaining the design of the new Nanomedicine Cascade Characterization Service, in which NANBIOSIS is working on.

CIBEREHD (Center for biomedical research in liver and digestive diseases) is

The CIBER’s thematic area of Liver and Digestive Diseases (CIBEREHD) has the purpose of promoting and protecting health by furthering research. This work, whose scope includes both basic research and clinical and translational aspects, is based on the field of Liver and Digestive Diseases with the aim of innovating in the prevention of these diseases and promoting scientific and healthcare progress. At present the CIBEREHD is working on four corporate programmes:

P1. Mechanisms of liver damage/evolution into advanced cirrhosis and transplant.

P2. Gastrointestinal physiopathology: inflammatory illness and motility disorders.

P3. Epidemiology, prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis infection.

P4. Liver and Digestive Oncology


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