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Agreements signed with MINECO for the allocation of FEDER funds for NANBIOSIS ICTS

In the framework of the FEDER Program in ICTS 2014-2020, several projects related to the ICTS NANBIOSIS have been selected by the MINECO for co-financing with FEDER funds of the European Regional Development Funds program.

An agreement has been signed between MINECO and CIBER (partner of NANBIOSIS for the co-financing of the Project: “Purchase, installation and set-up of production and characterization equipment to complement the Units: U3-Synthesis of Peptides Unit, U18-Nanotoxicology and U20- In Vivo Experimental Platform”. The total budget of the project amounts to € 307,566.16, with 50% financing with FEDER Funds.

Also CSIC (The State Agency Superior Council of Scientific Investigations), institution that houses some of the NANBIOSIS units,  as distributed ICTS,  has signed an agreement with MINECO for the co-financing of the Project: “Purchase and installation and set-up of equipment and production and characterization laboratories to complement the units U2-Production of antibodies, U4-Biodeposition and biosensing, U6-Processing of biomaterials and U8-Micro, nanotechnology. The total budget of the project amounts to € 312.800,00 €, with 50% financing with FEDER Funds.

These two projects aim to increase the quantity and quality of the services offered by th implied units, with the objetive of positioning them as national and international benchmark in their respective fields of application. As a consequence, an increase in the performance (number of services and number of users) of each unit is expected, especially from companies (pharmaceutical and small biotechnology).

CSIC and CIBER are processing the necessary contracting procedures for the execution of these projects.

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Update of the Map of Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) 2017-2020

The updating of the Spanish ICTS Map aims to consolidate this map as a tool for long-term planning and development of this type of infrastructure, updating it according to established criteria, with emphasis on quality and scientific-technical and economic sustainability, prioritizing the continuity Of the installations in operation and those that have viable financing scenarios, implementing it jointly with the Autonomous Communities.

This tool also makes it possible to optimally plan the application of national, regional and European funding, in particular FEDER funds from the programming period 2014-2020, aiming to achieve a stable medium-term funding framework to guarantee the achievement of its objectives.

In order to report on the procedure for updating the ICTS Map, a meeting with the directors of the map in force was held on 22 June at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, where NANBIOSIS was present as well. The Secretary General of Science and Innovation, Juan María Vázquez Rojas, opened the day welcoming the directors and thanking them for their presence and collaboration. Subsequently, the Deputy Director General of Large Scientific and Technical Facilities, José Ignacio Doncel Morales, explained the procedure for updating the ICTS Map.

Once this updating procedure is completed, it will be the Council of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy, after a report from the Advisory Committee on Unique Infrastructures (CAIS) approving the configuration and composition of the new ICTS Map.

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Forum and Partnering CIBER-BBN with l’Università degli Studi di Torino

Next November 8, 2016 will be held at the Residence for Researchers of CSIC in Barcelona a meeting between researchers from NANBIOSIS Units and other CIBER-BBN researchers with researchers from the University of Torino.

This event is organized by NANBIOSIS and partially funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through PRONANBIOSIS SAF2015-69388-REDI Project for ICTS.

The event consists of a series of presentations by the assistant research groups and B2B partnership, with more than 60 pre-arranged individual meetings and the possibility of organising new meetings after listening the presentations.

The final object is to interact to seek collaborations and promoting joint projects.

Nanbiosis - Forum and Partnering CIBER-BBN with l’Università degli Studi di Torino
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Strong Ministerial Support to NANBIOSIS

MINECO grants a “Network of Excellence” with the maximum funding of 178,000 euro to consolidate the unified management model of NANBIOSIS, to boost its internationalization and strategic positioning as well as to promote a complete cascade service for nanomaterials characterization.

The two years lasting project has been granted within the frame of the National Programme for Fostering Excellence in Scientific and Technical Research.

This Excellence project, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, will consolidate and promote the One Stop Shop model of NANBIOSIS, which facilitate to public and private centers of research and companies a simply and competitive access to an offer that ranges from the product´s design and procurement itself, its development and characterization up to the complete pre-clinical validation.

The actions of this project are also aimed at achieving other objectives include: Improve governance and coordination within the network, transfer of knowledge to the company and innovation, boost the competitiveness of Spanish infrastructures in the international context…. This, has been scheduled a series of actions including, establish standardized administrative processes and protocols, regular meetings between members of the Coordination Committee and the advisory committee; developing a Marketing Plan, organization of forums with companies and hospitals, assisting partnering events, training, mobility grants for researchers and generating a new internal structure with selected units of NANBIOSIS to offer through a single contact point, a cascade service package for characterization and advisory (“cascade assay services”) to external users (manufacturers, hospitals, academic and institutional).

Nanbiosis-concesión Redes
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